BOB and LYNN LUNDE   In the late 70’s, Bob and Lynn were pioneers in the model railroad structure industry, developing the first successful line of resin-cast structures.  The level of detail in these Magnuson Models was virtually unseen before.  The line was sold to Wm. K. Walthers in the early 80’s, and Bob & Lynn took positions there.  Bob became head of Walthers R & D Dept. And Lynn became the Sales Manager. Lynn also was elected and served as the president of the Model Railroad Industry Association (MRIA). In 1985, they broke from Walthers to form Design Preservation Models.  DPM kits were hugely successful as the first low-cost injection molded buildings to have door and window details molded in place.  There are very few layouts in existence that don’t have at least one DPM kit on them.  The line was sold to Woodland Scenics in 1993.  Since then, Bob & Lynn have built layouts for dozens of firms and individuals as Lunde Studios. In addition, Lynn is a gifted artist and sells her paintings to galleries nationwide.  More recently Bob has been manufacturing a line of exquisite resin cast models of city structures in HO and N scales and markets them online and world-wide under the Lunde Studios name.    Their time is now taken up almost entirely by their current business but we know we can lean on Bob from time to time for his help and advice. Bob’s background as an architect and his decades of experience making patterns, molds and resin castings gives us a very unique advantage.

JOE CAMPHOUSE  Architecture/Design school educated, and a previous baker by profession, Joe came to us a little over 12 years ago with the simple statement, “I want to work for you.”   Since that time, his talents have been honed and Joe is now our Project Manager.  Although truth be told, he could give himself any title here…. I just made that one up.  I’d like to believe that I taught him “most everything he knows”, but that would be doing a great disservice to his real talents.  Joe’s knowledge of historical structures (he lives in and is renovating a 150+ year old limestone Italianate-style mansion)  is invaluable to us and he excels at digging up historical info on line.   Equally comfortable assembling and custom painting kits, tuning Train Controller or JMRI software for a particular layout, or designing and wiring the complicated electronic aspects PMD excels at, Joe is also an exceptional scenery modeler with a particular knack for miniature landscape design and he has successfully learned which end of an Exacto knife to hang onto.  All of our layouts  in the recent past distinctly show what Joe excels at.  No other model building company can proudly point to these talents as we can.

JIM NILLES, SR.  Jim has been with us for over 30 years now and was heavily involved with our first project at the Museum of Science and Industry.  An excellent scratch-built model maker, he truly excels in the construction, painting, weathering and detailing of bridges and structures.  A previous industrial electrical maintenance person who worked at Electro-motive in the past, Jim is also very comfortable with DCC wiring and diagnostics.  At home, he currently models the steam era in G scale with all hand-laid track.

JOE CONNELLY    Joe is our Art/Design Developer.  He takes the initial basic layout concept drawings and translates them into a visual wonder.  Working in 3D visualization software using rendered models and actual photos of model structures, he converts the trackplan and basic scenery elements Steve has designed, and works them into a near photo realistic image which can be rendered on the screen or with our printers from an infinite number of angles and with various light sources applied and shadows created.  The results are amazing and greatly help our clients appreciate the models that will be created.  Joe has a degree in Industrial Design and when not working on layouts, he is designing museum displays and tradeshow exhibits for his firm, Connelly Design.  [Go to his Facebook Page]  If he has any time leftover, he likes to spend it with his wife and kids or working on his freelanced N scale layout.  [See some examples of Joe’s PMD 3D renderings here]

JIM GOTTLICK    Jim is a retired fireman who models in HO scale at home.  He is equally comfortable on the shop woodworking equipment as well as at the controlling end of a soldering iron.  Jim works on layout benchwork construction, trackwork and wiring.  He also excels in modeling small detail scenes such as barnyards, pastures, etc.  Have a look at the cattle pens he modeled [HERE].

BILL REID    Known throughout the modeling industry, Bill and his brother Wayne operate the Cumberland Valley System out of their home.  Arguably the finest N scale layout in the country, this layout has been featured in virtually every modeling magazine and in Allan Keller’s videos.  It has appeared in eight separate issues of N Scale Magazine alone and is featured in Kalmbach’s Great Model Railroads magazine.  A commercial graphic designer and sign artist, Bill hand-paints backdrops and scenes with amazing beauty and realism.  The depth and life that his contributions add to the miniature scenes we create truly adds the finishing touch.  You can see some examples of his model layout work on our projects HERE. Bill spends spare time on his newest hobby of landscape design and aquatic ponds.

DELIA BOWSTEAD   Delia is a truly remarkable modeler who free-lances from her home studio as well as being the lead modeler for Dunham Studios, one of our fine competitors.  Dunham’s layouts have a strong theatrical element to them, reflecting Clarke Dunham’s background in theater and stage.  Still, besides the theatrical artistry, there are really great elements of detail to be found in many of their projects and this is in large part due to Delia’s expertise and artistry.  She builds wonderfully detailed structures, some of them remarkable in size and also is an accomplished artist and scenery expert.  Most recently, she worked with us building the model of the Grauman’s Theater in LA and it is amazing to behold.  You can see an in process studio photo of it [HERE].  Unfortunately we have no installed photo of it, but hope to get one on our next trip out to the layout.  Delia lives with her husband and kids in a “storybook” Victorian home in New York that she and her husband renovated. 

GEORGE PIERSON—MMR  George is one of our key structure builders.  Equally at home with a box of styrene pieces, a series of prototype photos or a “mess” of sticks from Finescale Miniatures, George enjoys the structure aspect of the hobby most.  He has a keen appreciation for architectural style and a strong knowledge base about period and appropriateness of buildings that is very valuable to PMD.  At home he models in HO and HOn3 with Pennsy being his favorite.  He models steam in the 1920’s era and is one of our two resident steam authorities.  He has earned the respected Master Model Railroader status with the NMRA.  Before coming to work with us, he taught philosophy and is a professor emeritus at Trinity Christian College.

ANDY ECCLESHALL— Fine Artist Extraordinaire   Andy was born in the UK and  started his artistic career at the age of 16 specializing in architectural illustration and landscape painting.  Continuing his art studies at the Exeter Faculty of Arts and Design in southern England, he then moved to the United States in 1994.  After extensive travels in the US, he settled in the Seattle area and now resides in Edmonds, WA.  His artwork is displayed at galleries around the country and he regularly paints indoor and outdoor murals for individuals and businesses.     Andy’s first work on a layout of ours was actually a commission by the owner after we had finished the install.  After we had seen the results of that first difficultly shaped room, we then commissioned Andy to work on our more recent LA project.  He is a joy to work with and to watch the speed with which he turns blank walls into finished backdrop art.  There were some real challenges on the LA project because the layout was being finished in our studio, but the first level of the layout was already installed in LA.  Using full scale renderings we printed off our plotter and VERY careful measurements, Andy was able to properly locate his painted images to within 0.1” of the physical models over 71 lineal feet of wall space!  You can see some examples of his model layout backdrop work on our projects HERE.

ERHARD BALTRUSCH  Erhard was born in Hamburg, Germany and spent 10 years working on the magnificent Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg.  He was involved with many facets of the design and construction over those years.  He came to Florida in 2010 and after a year there, he founded his company, Far Beyond Rails, LLC., specializing in model railroad design and construction.    Erhard is an expert user of 3rdPlanIt software, and assists us in our CAD designs when needed.  When not working on models, Erhard likes to go fishing and is into photography.  You can check out his portfolio here:      Https://

WAYNE WESOLOWSKI, Ph.D Wayne has been building transportation and history models for more than 50 years.  His work has been exhibited in numerous museums across the country including a permanent exhibit of his Lincoln Funeral Train at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library in Springfield, IL.  Wayne and his wife, Mary Cay have authored over 160 articles and 4 books on model building.  Kalmbach Publishing featured Wayne in two video tapes that have been shown on PBS, Good Morning America and now MRVideoPlus.  Bob Hundman of Mainline Modeler Magazine said of Wayne, “He’s always leading those of us who like scratchbuilding down new roads.”  Dr. Wesolowski retired as an Emeritus Professor of Chemistry at Benedictine University and the University of Arizona.  He and Mary Cay live in Tucson, AZ where he loves building models every day. He is one of the most accomplished modelers in the country, and quite possibly the world, and we are very proud and fortunate to have him as a friend and co-worker.

STEVE WORACK President of Circuitron, Inc., Steve handles all administration, advertising, graphics, layout design and CAD rendering, website design and maintenance and procurement for PMD.  He would prefer to be actually working on the models.   A perfectionist by nature and a model railroader for over 55 years, Steve’s interests have always centered around electronic automation and mechanical design. As the owner of Circuitron, an electronics manufacturer for 40+ years, he has designed / developed over 70 unique products and was granted a patent on the TORTOISE Switch Machine as well as some of the other electronic circuits he has designed.  Although capable of handling an airbrush with the rest of them (the pushbutton thingy points up and the nozzle points toward the model and pressure must be kept below 350 psi), Steve prefers scenery work, especially rock carvings and landscape.  When time permits, he will jump in there with the rest of the crew, but more often he just supplies the pizza and donuts.                                           

The Progressive Model Design Team


Some of our principal modelers are independent and work in their own remote studios.  The others are with us most of the time in Romeoville.