The iconic Capitol Records Building is included in a downtown LA-like city scene on the Grand Gorge and Western.  The model was engineered by PMD and designed in CAD.  All the awnings were cut on the laser from acrylic sign material, chosen for its flexibility and easy solvent welding.  The window detail was cut on our laser engraver.  The base of the structure is a clear acrylic tube, to which all the radial and vertical members were attached.  A tall radio tower spire with flashing red LED are included.  Like the real building back in the 50’s, the light flashes ’HOLLYWOOD’ in morse code controlled by the layout computer.  A number of the windows reveal detailed office scenes appropriately lighted.  Assembly of the components as well as the rectangular base was by Wayne Wesolowski, Ph.D.

Sometimes our clients want to have a structure detailed on the interior as well as the exterior, like this engine house on the Franklin Ridge Line.

Or this Open Air

Rural Sawmill

Like the Stone Engine House, the Historic Mineral Point Depot was modeled in CAD, engraved and cut on our laser, then assembled and hand-painted.  The doors and windows all had to be designed and cut on the laser as well.  The four chimneys were also laser engraved to match the prototype.

The Mineral Point and Northern had a small “Arm-Strong” style turntable.  That is, it was operated by human power.  This model was scratch-built by PMD.  Note the hand-laid double crossing leading to the Engine Shed.

Careful painting and weathering can transform an out of the box kit into a great looking model.