PMD has unique graphics capabilities and the artistic skill to create custom logos and highly detailed (and colorful) control panels.† No stuck on tape or masked and painted designs from us.† All panels will be designed in CAD which allows any track color and background color combination desired along with the inclusion of graphic symbols like water, bridges, tunnels, etc. Then, after approval, the artwork will be sent to our sign shop where they will be printed in high definition on self adhesive outdoor vinyl.† An over-laminate of matte film will be applied to protect the image surface and make it scratch resistant.† PMD uses sheet ABS plastic as the base for our panels because it is strong but not brittle like Acrylic.† We fabricate frames out of shaped MDF to give them an angled attachment to the fascia of a layout.† The frames are primed and sanded with automotive primer, then painted with your choice of lacquer color coat.† A satin clear coat will be applied last.†† Contact us with your ideas and requirements and ask for a quotation.


PMD has a large inventory of rock molds and we cast our rockwork in Polyurethane resin.† The nature of the resin is such that we can heat a casting and then bend it to fit a curved wall shape if need be.† All castings are hand-painted and stained for maximum realism.

The Stockyards on the Mineral Point Museum Layout

Track Repairs on the Mineral Point Museum Layout

Examples of Custom Logos designed by PMD

A Typical Panel Installation on the side of the Fascia.† Note sloping design for easy access.

Examples of Custom Control Panels designed and fabricated by PMD

Logging Scene on the Franklin Ridge Line

1/12 Scale Locomotive Under RepairóWayne Wesolowski, Ph.D. Model-Maker