A custom backdrop can add an immense amount of depth to a miniature scene.  Often times, track has to run close to the walls and bridges or other scenic items such as trees might cast shadows on the wall that detract from the realism.  A scenic backdrop serves to carry the 3D scenery on the layout back into the distance and will help disguise the shadows.  Even a modest painted sky with some clouds can make a huge difference, but adding color matching extensions of the foreground features on the backdrop is even better.

PMD can provide printed backdrops from our wide format plotter or one of our talented artists can custom paint a backdrop onto panels that can be placed behind the layout.  Another option is to have our artist paint onto canvas which can then be applied to the walls like wallpaper.   A final option is for us to bring our artist to the layout site and have him/her paint directly onto the walls.  Below you will see some examples of work our artists have done and you can see for yourself what a difference it makes.



All manner of beautiful landscapes can be painted by PMD’s artists. Click on an image for a detailed view.

Andy Eccleshall

This backdrop was painted in our studio on artist’s canvas by Bill Reid (shown working here).  Before the layout was installed in Georgia, the canvasses were applied to the walls like wallpaper.

This backdrop was made exceptionally difficult because of the outside corners in the workspace as well as the fact that a 3’ aisle exists between the edge of the layout and the wall.

Here Bill carefully matches his painted scene to the adjoining 3D modeled scenery.

The backdrop sections on canvas being applied to the walls.


Another room with a nasty outside corner.

Once the “wallpaper” is completely adhered, printed overlays cut out from magazines and other sources are applied on top of the painted image and glued in place.  The artist (in this case, Bob Lunde) may then blend the images using acrylics.

With the walls completed, the layout sections can start to be fitted to the room.

What a difference!  Don’t you think YOUR dream layout deserves a beautiful backdrop?

Bill Reid